GE Johnson Construction Company

Colorado Springs, 2016 

Description of engagement: In 2016 Campbell Consulting was retained to produce a twenty-year commemorative history book for GE Johnson Construction in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jason Walker, of Monsoon Design, joined the team to contribute to the concept and theme of the book and to handle the design and layout. We were asked to deliver the book in three months’ time. This assignment is the only work to date with the firm.

The marketing challenge: GE Johnson is owned and operated by the son of its founder. The company specializes in hospitality resorts in difficult building sites, and in healthcare and educational facilities. Our task was to effectively capture the essence, spirit, and achievements of the highly successful family-owned company. The owner wanted a top-tier publication that celebrated employees, his family and the incredible buildings of the company’s legacy.

The marketing solution: Bring leading-edge design and creative messaging to make fifty years come to life for employees, future clients, and stakeholders. We settled on “Integrity – Ingenuity – Impact” as a theme that reflected the values of the business. The book’s structure is comprised of five chapters – one for every decade. Each chapter tells the economic and operational story of the decade through employee stories intermingled with the historical text. A signature building illustrating the evolution of the company’s construction capabilities anchors each decade and key person profiles serve as a method for discussing the managerial evolution of the organization. Employee contributions are honored by individual spotlights sprinkled throughout the book. To help the book feel vibrant to the reader, it was written in the first-person tense with catchy headlines for each chapter.

Services provided included:

  • Strategic consultation
  • Project management
  • Employee interviews
  • Thematic concept and structure for the publication
  • Graphic design and layout
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Negation and management of publisher and printer

Results: “Integrity – Ingenuity – Impact” was delivered on time and exceeded client expectations. The commemorative book is still given to company stakeholders, new employees, and is being used as a marketing tool for prospective clients. An update to the company’s history as they near the end of their next anniversary milestone is expected to be commissioned.

Samples from the commemorative history book include: