Gunnison Valley Health System

Gunnison, Colorado, 2010–2015

Description of engagement: In 2010; and Campbell Consulting was engaged by Gunnison Valley Health System (GVH) in Gunnison, Colorado to make recommendations for a new brand and marketing strategy. This resulted in a new logo and a unifying family brand strategy. In 2011, Campbell accepted a position as the health system business development and marketing executive. Jason Walker of Monsoon Design was engaged as the marketing agency for the health system and retained the account for a year after Campbell resigned to consult full-time.

The 2010 marketing challenge: In 2010, the profitable and growing health system, comprised of a critical access hospital with outpatient services, EMT, and a nursing facility was not recognized by the community as an integrated health system.

The 2010 marketing solution: Design and implement a family brand strategy to integrate disparate parts of the health system into one unified identity. Promote the new logo in creative ways (such as an ambulance wrap) throughout the Gunnison Valley.

The 2012 marketing challenge: Facing dropping net margin, eroding market share and low provider and employee morale, the board of trustees for GVH needed to focus the organization on cost management and establish a vision that could unify providers and employees.

The 2010 marketing solution: Initiate a strategic planning process to identify a new, fresh organizational vision and clarify strategic focus areas to reduce outmigration for the Valley to other communities for health services. Develop a vision that would resonate internally and externally and would connect with the active and healthy lifestyles of Gunnison Valley residents. Use the new vision as a brand positioning. “Living Well Together” became the umbrella theme for GVH internal and external communications. Providers and staff were featured as role models for living well and to create the connection that the GVH team can help me (the patient) “Live Well.”   

Services provided included:

  • Organizational strategy and culture development
  • Family brand strategy, and a new logo
  • Service line marketing
  • Patient and employee focus groups
  • Negotiation and management of media services
  • Integrated marketing plan to yield:
    • Public relations and business community outreach
    • Ambulance wraps featuring the new logo
    • Governance strategic planning &and market assessment retreats
    • Print and radio advertising honoring caregivers
    • Internal posters and communications
    • Local business partners for sharing the vision

Results: The new logo introduced in 2010 was received positively by the community and is still in use. Employees credited the vision roll-out and the new provider ads for raising internal pride in some parts of the health system.

Logos used actively by different GVH Health System business units prior to Campbell Consulting’s engagement:  

New Logo adopted by the GV Board in 2010:

Ambulance Wrap with New Logo:

Samples of the work produced for Gunnison Valley Health System include: