Women’s Specialists of New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2015 – Present

Description of engagement: Campbell Consulting and Jason Walker of Monsoon Design, are engaged to assist Women’s Specialists of New Mexico (WSNM) with branding and developing and implementing an annual, integrated marketing plan. The engagement includes providing marketing services to the medical group’s Med Spa; the Oasis at WSNM.

The marketing challenge for WSNM: The large independent medical practice is well-known in the Albuquerque market for personalized obstetrics and gynecologic care. The practice accepts most New Mexico insurance plans and delivers at both Presbyterian and Lovelace hospitals. As birth rates are declining nationally, and locally, WSNM needs to solidify its market position by increasing the annual number of new OB patients.  The marketing challenge for the Oasis Med Spa: Introduce a new med spa business, get noticed and build patient volume in a highly competitive med spa market.

The marketing solution for WSNM: Make an emotional connection among all women by showing how WSNM patients balance multiple demands in their lives. Position WSNM as a practice that honors the diversity in women and is devoted to meeting the individual needs of all patient. “I am A Woman” has become the umbrella for external and internal marketing for WSNM OB/GYN services. Marketing solution for Oasis: connect the new brand to the high-quality medical reputation of WSNM and position of WSNM position non-surgical cosmetic services at the Oasis at WSNM as a way to bring out the natural beauty in women and men.

Services provided for WSNM and the Oasis included:

  • Competitor research, patient interviews and focus groups, market intercept testing of creative concepts
  • Strategy development workshops with staff
  • Branding and logo re-design for two businesses
  • Negotiation and management of media services
  • Integrated marketing plan to yield:
    • Static and electronic billboards
    • Television ads for cable TV, movie theaters, YouTube posts
    • Newspaper, magazine and radio advertisements
    • Brochures and pull up banners for community outreach events
    • web-based and social media communications
  • Web sliders and landing page for a woman to self-refer to be featured in the campaign
  • Employee and provider recognition posters
  • The menu of services for the Oasis
  • Practice collateral; rack cards, postcards, and posters honoring providers

Results: WSNM OB/GYN services are meeting annual budget targets for new patient appointments. The Oasis is steadily building its client base.

Examples of the work produced for WSNM and Oasis include: