Our Values

Our principles and values guide how we serve clients. At Campbell Consulting we:

  • Work first to be trusted partners
    When we engage with a client, their needs and issues become ours. We work to anticipate the needs of our clients and their business realities. We are transparent in our communications and if we make a mistake, we rush to let clients hear about it first, from us.
  • Strive for excellence in ourselves and our work
    Our personal best feed our professional best. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations in creativity, attention to details, and results. We ask for feedback and adjust our processes and approach as we continuously strive for excellence.
  • Collaborate to produce the better product
    We work closely with our clients on strategy development, goal-setting visioning, and creative direction. As projects and campaigns unfold, we seek client involvement for continuous improvement.
  • Deliver cost-effective and individualized services to clients
    As a New Mexico-based small business, we consider ourselves a boutique marketing agency. We stay lean to be responsive, nimble and completely engaged. We provide personal service directly from the agency principals, while our production team grows and shrinks based on client needs. Our workflow is simple and direct. Pricing is transparent, without hidden markups.
  • Meet commitments, deliver results, and never compromise quality
    We strive to exceed client expectations in creativity, attention to details, and results. If one of our products disappoints our clients, we do it over until our client is happy – on our dime.  We approach each engagement as an opportunity to develop a partnership to help clients identify key opportunities, solve problems, manage tough issues, and prepare for the future. Our work is process driven, relationship-based, and guided by our values.